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Sustainable Luxury Oceanwear that gives back.

Oceanwear and activism: our mission is to clean up and protect the ocean through grassroots activism, selling sustainable, luxury oceanwear, and sharing profits with our ocean partners.  

Every piece that you buy, we will donate to one of our ocean charity partners of your choice. We call it 'Earth to Ocean'.

  Earth to Ocean© 

Our buy/give business model is dedicated to empowering women in the ocean and the right people for the ocean.

'Clean Lines' Collection

Whether you dream of glassy waves, calm waters to dive into or the sheer thrill of cold water on your skin, submerge yourself in our signature collection, Clean Lines.

Delicately crafted in a small factory in Italy, the monochromatic Clean Lines collection is made from high-quality FSC certified Yulex Pure – a plant-based alternative to conventional, non-renewable neoprene.

Designed for the active ocean lover, Clean Lines boasts classic, athletic-cut sports crops and one-pieces with zip front and contoured panels, paired with classic-cut, high waist or cheeky bikini bottoms to sculpt to your silhouette and support for an action-packed day in the water.

All of this, whilst dedicated to causing the least possible environmental harm. J

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